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Here comes the Evolution of The Spiritual Rock Music from Japan

KIRILOLA, formerly member of eX-Girl, presents "The Celestial Ground MUSE", based on Ancient Japanese Mysticism. She has a amazing voice surprisingly!

Description of the Band : KIRILOLA will perform with:
Eccentric piano genius "Hoppy Kamiyama".
Avant-garde cellist, electric drill & saw manipulator "Hiromichi Sakamoto".
Barbarous and tender percussionist "Youichi Okabe".
Japanese Classical musician "Kizan Kawamura" on Shakuhachi.

Her voice purifies the body and soul by using words truly from Ancient Japanese "Kotodama"(Word Spirit). Her chanting is often worldly and will transport you to the depths of your heart & soul.

Now Japan stands at the crossroad after the devastating earthquake and tsunami. KIRILOLA is eager to find out different ways for human beings to survive meaningfully on the earth through her own music & peace messages.

KIRILOLA will performing at
142 Throckmorton Theatre

In Mill Valley, CA, on August 31
Door open at 6:30pm Performance starts at 7:30pm
Tickets:$30 at the door, $25 in advance

Tickets info :
Box Office Open: Mon - Sat 2pm - 6pm Tel.415-383-9600


KIRILOLA is an artist, who expresses herself with the sound of the spirit and the power of the soul existing all around in nature. Her voice connects us with nature and guide us to recall who we really are .
KIRILOLA expresses Japanese culture includes Ancient Japanese "Jomon" culture with her songs, musical instruments and dancing through unprecedented universal and fascinating way.
KIRILOLA’s performance allures her audience into her world and intrigues them.
KIRILOLA has made collaboration performances in USA with Dennis Banks , a great hero of the native American Spirit and Grammy Award Winner artist Kitaro .
KIRILOLA started a female rock band called "eX-Girl" in 1997. She was the main vocal, bass & keyboard player. The band performed with the big name groups like Mike Patton’s Project, The Strokes, The Siouxsi & The Banshees, and released some CDs from Alternative Tentacles and also started Ipecac Recordings in the States and Europe.
KIRILOLA made a healing unit "AKASAU" and released a CD in USA with Domo Records , Kitaro’s main recording company.

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